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Council Member

Rachel Podczervinski, MS, RHIA

Rachel Podczervinski

Rachel Podczervinski is a VP of professional services at Just Associates. She is passionate about accurate patient matching and MPI data integrity. During her 20 years of experience in health information management, Rachel has worked with organizations all over the country to help identify and reduce duplicate patient medical records. As vice president of professional services for Harris Data Integrity Solutions, Podczervinski leads a team of more than 70 people, including managers, supervisors, quality assurance specialists and patient identity experts. During her time with Just Associates, Podczervinski has led and overseen more than 100 duplicate reconciliation projects, participated in patient identity algorithm testing and tuning projects, patient access consulting, and business requirements documentation. Her goal is to always find the most efficient way of completing tasks required for accurate patient matching while maintaining high quality. Podczervinski is a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) and has a master’s degree in Health Information Management from the College of Saint Scholastica. She is a frequent speaker at state and national events, and volunteers on several committees and workgroups to help advance accurate patient matching.

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