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Lesley Kadlec

January 22, 2021

Patient Identification Remains Advocacy Priority for 2021

AHIMA recognizes that, at its core, accurate patient identification enhances data integrity, facilitates patient care, and improves overall patient safety.

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August 12, 2020

Strategies for Managing Patient Identification and Remote COVID-19 Testing

There is currently no national strategy requiring collection of certain patient demographic data elements, which can lead to inconsistent, dirty data at the beginning of the patient registration process.

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Advocacy Resources

We recognize that to maximize the safety, security, availability, and integrity of patient health records, certain processes must be in place to ensure proper identification and matching of patients to their unique health information in health IT systems.   

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August 3, 2020

Patient Matching in the Era of COVID-19: Maintaining Control Over Patient Privacy and Data Governance

COVID-19 is changing nearly everything about the way healthcare organizations operate. From telehealth visits and elective surgeries to staffing strategies and sanitation protocols, hospitals and health systems are being forced to re-examine the very basics of how they deliver care in order to protect staff and patients from a highly contagious disease.

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Innovation in Patient Identity Practices-A Data Governance Perspective

Learn about innovations that move us beyond the traditional, human resource heavy, back-end, retrospective approach to accurate, automated patient identification and record matching.


Putting a Face to Patient Identification—A Talk with Katherine Lusk

Fresh from a briefing on Capitol Hill, AHIMA President-elect Katherine Lusk discusses patient ID, the importance of member advocacy, and the bipartisan support for patient safety and lowering healthcare costs.


June 29, 2020

AHIMA Announces Creation of Patient Identification Alliance

AHIMA has taken a lead role in addressing the issue of patient identification at the federal level. As a founding member of a new coalition, Patient ID Now, AHIMA is raising visibility on patient identification with lawmakers, regulators, the media, and other health organizations.

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