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AHIMA Adaptive Learning Bundles

Make Learning Personal

Your students build mastery and confidence with responsive, customized experiences, delivered on the devices they choose.


Student Comprehension

Reduce learning time by 50%

Students learn in less time with personalized learning experiences designed to cut learning time in half and achieve concept comprehension.

Educator Analytics

Improve learning outcomes

Use the educator analytics dashboard to uncover insights with data and take action to optimize student engagement and promote mastery of key concepts and learning objectives.

Cloud-based Digital Learning Platform

Deliver active learning experiences

Students want to be successful in the least amount of time possible. The interactive reading program with textbook references helps them focus on the content, assess their comprehension level, and identify opportunities to build concept mastery.

Shape lectures based on student needs

Measure your students' progress to identify if they have completed the chapters they were assigned, the amount of time it took them, and how difficult it was for them. You can see the most challenging learning objectives and adjust your course plan to address specific objectives.

Create 1:1 Learning Experiences

Empower students with the knowledge to achieve their goals using a digital-first approach.

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