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AHIMA Query Templates

Provider queries made simple with AHIMA templates

Our alliance with Artifact Health lets coding and CDI professionals using Artifact’s time-saving mobile app access over 100 AHIMA compliant query templates for inpatient, outpatient, and pediatric settings. 


Artifact makes it simple for physicians to respond quickly and compliantly to coding and CDI queries from their smartphone or computer.

Speed up query workflow

Hospitals and health systems using the Artifact platform report sustained response rates of nearly 100 percent, average response times within 48 hours for all queries, and significant reductions in discharged, not final billed days.

Ensure compliant queries

AHIMA’s template library standardizes query workflow across your organization and helps HIM and CDI leadership easily manage and maintain query templates.

Enhance visibility and accountability

Monitor all query activity with real-time dashboards and reports in Artifact. Coders and CDI professionals are therefore empowered to build quality improvements throughout the entire coding lifecycle.

The alliance between AHIMA and Artifact Health yields turnkey benefits:

Access to more than 100 templates following industry best practices

Coverage for Inpatient, Outpatient, and Pediatric settings

Twice a year template updates ensures continuous compliance

Step-by-step query process for complete and accurate information

Ensures appropriate reimbursement and accurate quality scores

Improve the quality of your patient records by streamlining the query workflow with Artifact and AHIMA.

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