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Chief Operating Officer

Amy Mosser, MBA

Amy Mosser


Amy Mosser delivers value by forming and executing strategies to drive growth. Her high energy and keen insights into key business drivers transform customer experiences, partnerships, and business performance.

Mosser joined AHIMA in 2018 and now serves as the chief operating officer. Prior to joining AHIMA, she has served in high-growth and transformative companies in US and Europe. Her previous roles include:

  • COO of Discovery Health Partners, provider of revenue optimization and payment integrity solutions for health plans. She participated in a 15-month turnaround effort that resulted in organic top-line growth and a return to profitability
  • COO and VP licensing for the American Hospital Association, leading development of content marketing and information solutions, delivering organic growth, profitability, and enterprise-wide business improvements
  • SVP for IBM Watson Health, including oversight of 100 Top Hospitals program
  • Chief Executive of The YOU Trust, a United Kingdom NGO provider and one of Top Places to Work in the UK
  • Engineer at Lockheed Martin, with an early career in space and satellite classified programs

Mosser received an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and bachelor of arts degree in mathematics at Northwestern University.

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