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Grace Award

2023 Application Now Open! 

Ninety years ago, AHIMA’s founder, Grace Whiting Myers, was a catalyst for change. She began this association on the conviction that advancements in the collection and organization of health information (HI) will invariably help medical professionals improve public health.

Today, the responsible collection, protection, and analysis of HI allows practitioners to provide effective care, innovative economic engines to run, researchers to make life-saving discoveries, and individuals to maintain good health.

Due to Myers’ prescient vision, AHIMA’s annual HI award bears her name: The Grace Award. The Grace Award honors healthcare delivery organizations that demonstrate industry-leading approaches to health information by connecting people, systems, and ideas.


2021 Grace Award

National Institutes of Health Clinical Center Recognized as the 2021 Grace Award Recipient

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) congratulates the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center as the winner of the 2021 Grace Award. The award, which is named for AHIMA’s founder, Grace Whiting Myers, honors healthcare delivery organizations for their innovative and novel approaches to using health information to deliver high-quality care to patients and for their contributions to our shared mission to Empower People to Impact Health. AHIMA will present this honor at AHIMA21. 

Grace Award Winners

Past winners that regularly demonstrated transformative journeys toward new and innovative HI practices that generate better patient outcomes.

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