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As the volume, variety, and velocity of data continue to reach unprecedented levels, healthcare professionals and their organizations must be able to uncover hidden patterns, correlations that can be used to make better decisions. We believe that helping our members increase their competency in this domain is critical.


Training and Resources

The Certified Health Data Analyst (CHDA®) designation proves expertise in data analysis and interpretation. AHIMA has assembled a mix of resources for those who are interested in advancing their analytical abilities to ultimately achieve the CHDA credential.


Featured Products


Foundations of Healthcare Data Analytics Bundle

Our health data analytics course bundle includes two courses to build your knowledge of the various types of data analyses, data storage tools, internal and external sources of data, data governance, and business intelligence topics.

Hardcover | Second Edition

CHDA Exam Preparation

Sharpen your data analysis and test-taking skills in preparation for the CHDA exam. Here the experience simulates three full-length 150-question exams, each containing questions that cover all five CHDA domains.  

Fourth Edition

A Practical Approach to Analyzing Healthcare Data

This book offers guidance to healthcare professionals and health information management (HIM) students on how to best analyze, categorize, and manage the data they encounter in an industry becoming ever more dependent on these tasks.


Data Analytics in Healthcare Research: Tools and Strategies: Tools and Strategies

This book provides authentic case studies regarding how to conduct health data analytics and secondary research studies. The cases provide experience with databases and statistical software for data extraction, normalization, transformation, visualization, and statistical analyses.

Sixth Edition

Calculating and Reporting Healthcare Statistics

This edition is a comprehensive resource intended for healthcare professionals and students seeking to understand or sharpen their statistical computation skills. The text is organized around exercises and examples that are presented extensively using Excel calculation displays.

Self-Paced | 18 CEUs

Actionable Data Analytics Insights

This course will instruct learners on how to execute the data analytics process to create actionable insights. The tools and methods of preparing, describing, visualizing, modeling, and disseminating the results from data analytics projects will be the focus of this course.

8 Presentations | 90 Min Each | 1 CEU Each

Healthcare Data Analysis Webinar Series

This series of webinars prepare health information and healthcare professionals to collect and analyze big data. Now more than ever, analytics expertise plays a critical role in administrative, financial, and patient-related decisions.

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